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Sol, Ky, Millia, May, Chipp, Venom and Potemkin were confirmed for GGXrd -SIGN-. First location test starts tomorrow in Tokyo.
Meanwhile GGXXAC+R finally hits Japanese PSN. XBL and US users have to wait for another undefinite stretch of time - hopefully not too long.

But since it is really bothersome for me to update this site these days, you could do much better by checking news and forums.

BioLogIn, biologin001 at gmail dot com
08 July 2013, 19:13 (GMT +4).

Guilty Gear Xrd

New Guilty Gear game trailer has been published:

BioLogIn, biologin001 at gmail dot com
19 May 2013, 20:00 (GMT +4).

Guilty Gear XX AC Plus R

Apparently, Guilty Gear conversion to PSN and XBL will be more than a mere 'port'. In terms of GG series it is a full-fledged game - with new moves for each characted, rebalanced framedata, etc., etc. You can find a long-winded discussion of changes at dostloop forums, and there is a changelist at the official site, so join the discussion and prepare yourself for a new GG game!

BioLogIn, biologin001 at gmail dot com
31 May 2012, 23:04 (GMT +4).

Sup mates

Alright, less than two year and is getting another update? Unbelievable, I say! Sooner GGXXAC will be ported to PS3 and Xbox360... oh wait.
Jokes aside, GGXXAC+ indeed will be ported to Nesica arcades, PS3 and Xbox360, which is simply wonderful (I updated GG Releases - Games section with known info... mentioned European GGXXAC+ releases and that Pro Jumper shit aw well). I do hope that this is a sign for all fan that GG is not abandoned. Maybe we will get an actual new GG after all? One can hope.

Also there were more GG music released in 2011, so I updated GG Releases - Audio with GG x BB info.
Also we've found better quality GGXXR character art, don't forget to check the gallery. And since it was also available at PSD, I compiled kinda fankit and made a section for that (Download - Fankits), uploading there Isuka and AC fankits as well.
Also for your convenience I mirrored GG Illustrations 2004 scans done by Windborn One. Check Gallery - Scans =)
And there is also an amazing translation of GGXX NoK drama done by Blade - you can check it out in Download - FAQs!

The last, but not the least, this May there'll be a major GG event at Sweden featuring Japanese pro-player, two-time SBO champion, N-Otoko! I'll definitely be there, and so should you!
Love GG =)

BioLogIn, biologin001 at gmail dot com
25 February 2012, 15:04 (GMT +4).

No rest for the wicked

Heh, you thought the site is long dead, right? Well, it just isn't! I do update it from time to time (and we do have some awesome additions in gallery and in FAQs), I'm just busy\lazy to write news about that each time. But I usually do mention it in some dustlopp thread, so take care and stay tuned =)

BioLogIn, biologin at guiltygear dot ru
13 March 2010, 22:20 (GMT +3).

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