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EDIT 21.04.07: More HTML-fixes. Added an allusion to Marvel universe to Eddie and Venom sections (thanks to BLANE MoNo), a possible allusion to Dead Or Alive (thanks to Hawek) and added explanations about Overdrive and Hunger Strike (thanks to Daniil Martynov)
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EDIT 04.11.04: I became aware that there are those who never knew who Paracelsus was. Added tips on Roger, Johnny, Carcass and "A Night at the Opera". Added info about Black Soul and Vocal Tracks.
EDIT: Added some info about ZatoIchi.
EDIT 24.09.04: Fixed some typos. Added some info about the true name of Sol. Allusions for Faust, Potemkin, Sol. Described Skull Crusher\Hunger Strike problem. Again, thanks to Alter_Deus for his suggestions.


This topic (musical and other allusions in Guilty Gear game series) has been discussed for quite a while. I became interested in it while reading wonderful FAQ at The Tower of Babble. The FAQ written by Gerald "JT" Thibault (dieselmachine [at], found at GameFaqs, was very useful as well. After that, I used my knowledge of hard and heavy a lot, browsed miscellaneous forums and so on and so forth. I'd like to give special thanks to Saionji for showing me Ky's allusion to Rhaposody, to Alter_Deus for FLCL allusion and for being constant contributor, to the Google for being fast and easy way to find band's offical pages, and to sites and HyperionX for hints on Leopaldon origin. I've found some interesting info at Wikipedia pages and on some site that I knew once and now forgot:) Thanks to people from forums and special thanks to Nacosto Nerezza for the cover of "Souls of Black"... I could continue this really long.
Think I missed something? Mail at biologin [at]


The allusion to sweden band ABBA is very clear. Another thing is that A.B.A's outlook is very simular to the outlook of Haruko from FLCL anime.
A.B.A's key name is Paracelsus. Paracelsus was scientist and pharmatist in the Renaissance Europe, he was the first to suppose the existance of bacteries.

Anji Mito

Anji's "butterfly" special is named Shitsu. When Shitsu is blocked, the butterfly spreads its wings and looks like Aerosmith logo.
Anji's theme (Fuuga) sounds simular to Motley Crew's song "Live Wire".
In the middle of 90th of the last century there was an J-Rock band named Anji. Little is known about it, but the word is that it changed it's members really often.

Axl Low

Axl owes his name to Guns'n'Roses leader, who's name is Axl Rose. Even more, they are told to have simular outlook, and both of them are sorta playboys (Rose once said something like that: "It is a really bad thing to put your girlfriend or your wife into your music video, because when you will break up - and you will - they will still be in your video").
The second half of Axl's name can originate from Testament's album named "Low".
Axl's Guilty Gear theme - "March of the Wicked King" - is named suspiciously simular to "March of the Black Queen" (by Queen), and sounds suspiciously simular to "You're Crazy" (by Guns'n'Roses).
Axl's GGX\GGXX theme - "Make Oneself" - could be an allusion to Incubus' album "Make Yourself". IMHO, this one is very unlikely, since Incubus has nothing to do in company with Iron Maiden, Helloween and Testament...
At Axl's GGX\GGXX background (London) there is a word "Napalm" written on the wall. It could be yet another allusion to an english band named Napalm Death.


No musical allusions known. Just an interesting fact: Daisuke Ishiwatari during his youth thought that Kenshin from "Kenshin" manga is a girl, so later he made a Kenshin-like (one-eyed, one-armed) female samurai named Baiken.


Bridget's special Kickstart my Heart has a name of Motley Crew's song (from the album "Dr. Feelgood").
The fancy guys from Mr. Big ahs a song named "Shoot the Moon", which is Bridget's Instant Kill name... But this one is probably just coincidence.
Bridget's bear name is Roger. It is likely that this is tribute to Queen's drummer Roger Taylor.

Chipp Zanuff

Chip Z'nuff - is a name of bass-man from Chicago metal band Enuff Z'nuff. But as far as I know, "chip'is'enough" is what some english-speaking children say, when that talk about, err, drugs. Correct me if I'm wrong. If it is true, then it reflects Chipp's youth (when he was drug trafficer) very well.


The name Dizzy is probably came from Guns'n'Roses keyboardist Darren "Dizzy" Reed'а.
Dizzy's (and Justice's) huge-and-scary overdrive is named Gamma Ray, this is well-known german power-metal band.
Majority of FAQs I read states that "Skull Crusher is an allusion to OverKill's song Skull Crusher". The trouble is that Dizzy has no special named "Scull Crusher". Same goes to the "Hunger Strike". It probably goes from english version of Guilty Gear Isuka, but i don't feel like adding translator's allusions here ).

Eddie, Zato-1one

Zato-1one is an allusion to the blind (sic!) samurai ZatoIchi ('ichi' means 'one' in japanese), he is a character from the book by I-forget-whom, and from the movie by Takeshi Kitano.
Eddie is a name of Iron Maiden's mascot.
Another interesting theory is connection to Eddie from Marvel universe. See Venom's section for more details.
Break the Law (one of Eddie's specials) could be an allusion to the song by Judas Priest named "Breaking the Law" ("British Steel" album).
Black in Mind (Instant Kill) has the same name that one of the albums of german metal band Rage has.
Shadow Gallery (another special) is a name of USA powermetal band (ex-Sorcerer).
It is said that Black Soul (Zato's theme from Guilty Gear) sounds very simular to "Twice as Ugly" song by Jackyl band.. dunno about that.
It was confirmed that Zato's theme from Guilty Gear - Black Soul - is an allusion to a Testament's album named "Souls Of Black". Even more, on the cover of this album there are three hooded men standing in circle, and same three men are at Zato's stage at Guilty Gear... and in GGXX as well, although their dress' color has changed to brown.
There is a finnish death-metal band named Amorphis, and Eddie has an overdrive named "Amorphous".
And one of Zato1's specials in Guilty Gear - "Rise or Fall" - was named after one funny song by Helloween.

Faust, dr. Baldhead

I'd really like to believe that they thought about Goethe's Faust, and not about drummer of norvegian metal band Emperor. And I don't want even think about possible allusion to Lenny Kravitz's song "Are you going my way?". So - no, Faust has no musical allusions IMO.


Wow. Thanks to english musician Brian Eno for I-no's name, thanks to japanese pop-singer Shena (Shiina) Ringo for the outlook, thanks to great guitar of Steve Wonder (Chemical Love is one of his songs). And again japanese rockers - X-Japan's song "Kurenai" clearly was the source for I-no's theme "Midnight Carnival". Possibly english punks the Lurkers and their album "Last Will and Testament" (I-no's Instant Kill).
Almost forgot: "cheaty" overdrive of Boss I-no is named Megalomania. It is the name of the album of russial metal band Aria. Unexpected.
This one I forgot, but remembered later. At I-no's stage there is an "Innuendo" inscription, and this is an album by Queen.
And another hint I'm not sure about: if you read "I-no" backwards you'll have "Oni" - which means "demon" in japanese.

Kuradobery Jam

Cloudberry Jam is a sweden pop-group, in early 90s they had sugnificiant success in Japanese. Nothing else...


Nothig serious. The theory about Goo Goo Dolls vocalist Johnny Rzeznik (and their sond "Dizzy") really makes me laugh. Why not John Deacon, who played bass in Queen?.


Remember when we talked about Dizzy we already said that Gamma Ray is a german power-metal band.
They also say that Meet Again - Justice's theme - is a song by Pantera named "We'll Meet Again". But frankly speaking I strongly doubt about that.

Kliff Undersn

Soul Survivor (overdrive Kliff'а) most likely is an allusion to Helloween's song named "Sole Survivor".

Ky Kiske

Another character filled with allusions is young knight Ky Kiske. He owes his name to two "founders" of German heavy metal - Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen, they founded Helloweenband in yearly 70th. Kai Hansen later gone to found Gamma Ray, and Michael Kiske continued playing solo.
Ky's theme name - Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead) - probably origins from Iron Maiden's song "Be Quick or Be Dead". They say that even themes themself sound simular, but I've heard both of them and woudn't swear about it.
Ky's overdrive is named Ride the Lightning, and one of Metallica's album has the same name.
Ky's Instant Kill is named Rising Force. It is a common place that it is an allusion to album and to song by sweden (?) rocker Yngwie J. Malmsteen. All you Ky fans should study that song lyrics really well :)
Even more, Rhapsody, a band that is quite popular in Japan, has a song named "Holy Thunderforce", which could be another description of our beloved knight :)


Maybe you'll be surprised, but Leopaldon has an allusion to... Bible. I'd like to mention expecially, that we should thank Lady KiKi for this allusion.
There is a short animation which originally was a bonus for GGX+, and now you can find it together with GGXX#r PC version. It starts with a quote from Revelations, chapter 10. Later in this book, in chapter 13, song 2, there is another quote: "And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion". Both this description and a word "leopard" were probably sources for Leopaldon's creation.


The only thing that look reliable is May's name - most likely taken from Brian May, one of legendary Queen.

Millia Rage, Meliah Rage

Meliah Rage - was an USA thrash-metal band from the middle of 80th. And this band was named after indians from Meliah tribe, who used opium before battles to fall in battle rage.
On the other hand, Rage is a german metal band, which had a solid success in Japan.
Another german band is named Iron Savior, and it is the name of one of the Millia's specials as well.
Millia's Instant Kill (overdrive in first GG game) is named Iron Maiden - this is an english metal band we already talked about.
Winger, one of Millia's overdrives, is an USA hard-rock band from the beginning of 80th.
Another overdrive, Emerald Rain, is a canadian melodic-rock band. They do exist even now, but I haven't found their official site.
And another special, Silent Force could originate from another german rock band.


Specially for russian history fans I will repeat again: Potemkin was a famous russian noble, and battleship "Potemkin" is named after him, and not vise-versa.
The Zepp Empite, to where Potemkin belongs, owes its name to the famous rock-band Led Zeppelin. Another allusion to Led Zeppelin is a zeppelin which flies in the Zepp background. Even more, Potemkin's theme - Burly Heart - sounds VERY simular to Led Zeppelin's song "Kashimir" (you could have heard this theme, remixed by Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and by Puff Daddy, in "Godzilla" movie, it was named "Come with Me" there).
One of Potemkin's specials is named Hammerfall. It could be an allusion to a power-metal band Hammerfall, but it could be an allusion to a Queen song "Hammer to Fall". Since we already know that Daisuke Ishiwatari loves Queen very much, it is quite possible.
Potemkin's Instant Kill, Magnum Opera, could be an allusion to Yngwie J. Malmsteen's album "Magnum Opus". (Another suggestion I've heard lately is that it is an allusion to "A Night at the Opera", but I don't feel like believing in one-word allusions.)
More one-simular-word allusion: german punk-band Gigantor (sounds like Potemkin's overdrive "Giganter") and french power-metal band Heavenly (Heavenly Potemkin's Buster). Just don't think about it too much :=)


Aegis High (special) is an allusion to Iron Maiden'ssong named "Aces High". The song is about aces of WWII, by the way.


Slayer is an american thrash-metal band from the beginning of 80th.
Many of Slayer's moves (overdrive "Dead on Time", instant kill "All Dead", specials "Under Pressure" and "It's Late") are named after Queen songs.
In EX-mode Slayer gets another attack named Royal Hunt - it is a finnish progressive\melidic metal band.

Sol Badguy

In case you don't know it already, "Sol" means "Sun" in latin (and in spanish as well). It is not a music allusion, of course, but explains his fire-addiction (or, more likely, he was given this name after the "fire guy" was created)...
Sol, as well as his voice actor - GG creator Ishiwatari Daisuke - is a fan of Queen, and thus he is filled with allusions to Freddie Mercury and other "queens". Sol's nickname - Badguy - sounds like a name of one of Freddie Mercury's albums: "Mr Bad Guy". Queen also have a song named "Keep Yourself Alive" (it is a name of Sol' s theme as well), and a song named "Stone Cold Crazy", from where riffs for Sol's theme were taken. True name of Sol - Frederick - is a name of Queen leader, Freddie Mercury, and a quote from Queen's song (We Will Rock You) is writen on Sol's headband.
To have a break from Queens, let's mention that Sol's Instant Kill is named Napalm Death, which is the name of english grindcore-metal band.


Another mixture of allusions. He owes the name to american thrash-metal band Testament. By the way, they do exchange members with Slayer really often.
Moving on. Specials: Gravedigger is a german heavy-metal band, Warrant - is an american metal band from 80th. Overdrive: "Master of Puppets" is an album and a song by Metallica, and Instant Kill "Seventh Sign" is yet another allusion to Yngwie J. Malmsteen, it is the name of one of his albums.


Venom is an english thrash-black-metal band from the beginning of 70th.
Venom's overdrive is named Dark Angel - it is american thrash-metal band from the end of 80th.
Venom's theme, "a solitude that asks nothing in return", sounds like the song by Napalm Death named "Breed to Breath". Although I haven't checked it myself.
Venom's background is named Nirvana after a famous grunge-band.
Venom's special - Carcass Ride - could be an allusion to a dark-metal band Carcass. Just don't trust to it too much.
very interesting possible allusion to Marvel universe. There very a "symbiotic suit" names Venom, and it's first owner was a man named Eddie. Even more, when suit was separated from it's owner, it looked like a black shade, and when worn, it constantly was suppressing the will of it's owner - which is, I guess a good description of Zato1/Eddie.


Zappa owes his name to a legendary Frank Zappa.
Zappa's Overdrive in Rao-mode is named Last Edguy. Edguy - is a german powermetal band from the end of 90th.
Another interesting thing is that a spirit that possessed Zappa, named S-ko, is an allusion to japanese movie "the Ring", there is also a girl who thrown herself in the well, named Sadako.


Slash. This writing appears in the end of every round. It is an allusion to ex-guitar of Guns'n'Roses, whos nickname was Slash (and Saul Hudson was his real name), he works in his own project Slash's Snakepit now.
Reload. This word from the "Guilty Gear XX#reload" title is a name of one of Metallica albums.
Triple vocal album "Rising Force of Gear Image Vocal Tracks: SLASH!! \ ROCK YOU!! \ DESTROY!!" has tree more allusions, already mentioned above: Rising Force (see Ky Kiske), Slash (see paragraph above) and Rock You (see Sol Badguy).
D.O.A, the name of "choose a character" theme in GGX, could be influenced by Dead or Alive series.
Overdrive - is a name for a additional device for guitars used to produce specific sound type. This sound is heavily used in, for example, Still In The Dark theme.

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