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I wasn't able to post news here for a while, so those who read dustloop forums know this much already, but we have tons of updates in the Gallery. MANY custom backgrounds by Ridureyu and more submissions by Blade (including some GG stages for Mugen I don't know who to credit for). So be sure to spend some time browsing our Gallery =)

BioLogIn, biologin at guiltygear dot ru
10 March 2008, 17:35 (GMT +3).

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core... Plus?!

Look like I shouldn't have updated the site last night. Just as soon as I finished with releases database, dustloop guys found Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus open for preorder at popular online shop. There is no info on subject save the "shipment date" (which is Match, 27th) but ground for misc. speculations are ready.
And yet another confirmation of my bad update timing - Blade releases updated version of his FAQ, hitting the 300Kb milestone. Welcome to our "Downloads" section again!

BioLogIn, biologin at guiltygear dot ru
18 December 2007, 13:01 (GMT +3).

Guilty Gear 2 Overture

While our japanese friends (and happy owners of japanese XBox360) are ripping Guilty Gear 2 Overture secrets (this new GG game, as you most certainly know, is not a fighting but a 3D beat-em-up instead), all we're left with is a original soundtrack of this "Overture". For now we can judge only by first part of the OST (the second one is to hit japanese stores on the very first day of the new year), which contains all "orchestral" tracks, but we are ready to state the excellent quality of this release. Our respects go to mr. Hiromi Mizutani - and man, we're waiting for part 2 eagerly. As for now you can check you Releases section for tracklists of both OSTs.
Another update for Blade's huge FAQ on GG quotes (available in Downloads -> FAQs section). This version contains almost 300Kb of text and has quotations from all GG games up to GGXXAC US.

BioLogIn, biologin at guiltygear dot ru
18 December 2007, 00:30 (GMT +3).


- Another improvement (at least I hope that's an improvement) of Gallery engine
- Added two new works by Otto R to Fan Atr section - Sol and I-no
- Upped GGXX Slash sprites, ripped by Kaihoku_ic from newwavemugen
- A new video by HoH project added: Heaven or Hell 3: Hell side

BioLogIn, biologin at guiltygear dot ru
02 December 2007, 19:07 (GMT +3).

Fourth anniversary is coming...

Hello, everybody who is still with us! We've had some massive update lately, so without fother ado let me introduce it:
- reworked Gallery engine once again to maximize usability
- gallery updated with some GG art; GGP backgrounds ripped by Zazz; GGI backgrounds ripped by Aegis High; GG2 Overture brand new art; Rallamajoop's scanlations of new Artbook; some official GGXXAC wallpapers; GGXXAC official art from fan kit; and few other things;
- all sprites moved to Download section and updated with Aegis High's Isuka rips
- Download section updated with new tracks from GG OST in FLAC; video section updated with Heaven or Hell 3 trailer and Heaven side... I hope Hell side is coming soon =)
- up-to-date information in Releases section, including two new books, two new OSTs and few not-that-new games

BioLogIn, biologin at guiltygear dot ru
12 November 2007, 18:17 (GMT +3).

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